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February 25 2016


Concrete commercial trench drain (drain cover).

Concrete business trench drain (drain cover).

Jonite serves both industrial and household jobs and if you are trying to find business drain covers, commercial floor drain covers (drain grates) made of concrete (we like french drain grates to think reinforced stone), Jonite has everything you require.

The success of any industrial projects actually depends on the thousands of fine information that specify your landscape. Over here at Jonite, we provide the world's first and only stone reinforced trench commercial floor drain covers drain, drain cover, floor drain covers, floor drain grates that can be personalized to any of your requirements. If you can picture it, we can develop and construct it.

Concrete vs Jonite's Reinforced Stone.

Concrete is a building material made from a mix of broken stone or gravel, sand, water, and cement, which can be spread out or put into moulds and forms a stone-like mass on hardening. It is normally grey and dull in colour and while extensively used in design, concrete is not an ideal product for making grates (drain covers).

In 1994, Jonite originated the world's first reinforced ornamental stone grating. Incorporating the appeal of stone without compromising load bearing strength, the marriage of looks and performance stayed undisputed in the market. Inspired by the rustic appeal of natural stone, Jonite was developed through years of comprehensive research study and development, led by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic personnel.

If you are searching for concrete drain covers (drain grates), we suggest you consider Jonite's special stone reinforced industrial drain covers (floor drain covers/ floor drain grates) rather.

December 13 2015


Singapore Workplace Design Professional

Geared up http://www.osca.asia/office/ with over 20 years of combined experience, OSCA group delivers high standard interior decoration options. Our business development personnel, indoor designers, and job managers are devoted to assisting you accomplish a more expert and trustworthy image through upgraded business centers. Our customer-centric strategy allows us to be a trustworthy partner in every phase of development.

Why Choose Us


Despite the size and scope of the project, we have the ability to provide the greatest quality design solutions for cutting edge workplace environments. Additionally, we aim to be consistent with our unique processes, guaranteeing utmost performance and earnings for your company.


OSCA provides initial and fresh concepts for the most creative spaces. We offer close interest to what makes your business standout, integrating crucial information http://www.osca.asia/office/ to our design options. Our versatile workflow enables us to engage visitors in the advancement of our concepts from conception to construction.


Through the combined efforts of our design and management teams, we are able to provide our customers' demands accurately and quickly. We have consistently shown our capability to total jobs with minimum downtime period, mobilizing our resources accordingly.

As an added value proposal, you might examine our quality guarantee policy.

Discover more about our end-to-end services by viewing our options page.

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

OSCA aims to achieve utmost consumer satisfaction through the consistent provision of innovative and reliable design solutions, using quality workmanship and effective management. We are driven by the vision of ending up being the leading partner of international business, enhancing their business image and brand identity by giving them an office http://www.osca.asia/office/ that is tailored to their needs.

Our group of experts is assisted by the following core values in our operations and deals:


Breaking premises, pressing boundaries, pursuing fresh ideas, and making use of the current devices to increase efficiency and promote growth.


Cultivating the spirit of unity amongst each other, understanding the company's beliefs, and adhering to its policies for a lasting work relationship.


Performing our tasks wholeheartedly, having real concern for the success of our customers, and pursuing the very best outcomes in all that we do.


Remaining real to our promises, translating our words into actions, never leaving any stone unturned, in order to earn the trust of our partners.


Appreciating each other's efforts, having a motivating point of view to the mutually helpful creation of practical service office singapore yet elegant office.


Being proactive about finding out industry news, concerns, and patterns so that we can use it to our company and organization.

Offce Design Specialist

OSCA is registered with the Building & Construction Authority of Singapore, a renowned agency under the Ministry of National Development that concentrates on the security, quality, sustainability, and user-friendliness of constructed environments. The business is presently under the category of Interior Decoration (CR06) Grade Level 2.

OSCA is likewise happy to have gotten bizSAFE Level 3 Certification from the Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC). This is a testament to the company's efforts to develop a harmonious working place with safety and health practices, whether on task websites or within the organization's designated location of operation.

Equipped with over two years http://www.osca.asia/office/ of combined experience, OSCA group provides high basic indoor design options. Our company advancement personnel, indoor designers, and job managers are dedicated to helping you accomplish a more professional and trustworthy image through updated company facilities. OSCA offers initial and fresh concepts for the most innovative areas. We provide close attention to exactly what makes your company standout, integrating http://www.osca.asia/office/ essential details to our design options. Our versatile process enables us to engage clients in the advancement of our concepts from conception to building.

December 12 2015


Singapore Serviced office pertaining to businesses

Lion Metropolis Offices can be dedicated to help a person find the serviced workplace which is ideal for your business.

What can be serviced office?

When you just take in to account renting an office, it just isn't merely the price of what's stated in the rental agreement along along with your serviced offices singapore landlord, there are a fantastic many other concealed expense that you could not be aware of, specifically in the event you are beginning a manufacturer new workplace within the 1st place.

There are numerous associated costs like:

1. Furniture cost. This really is often a pretty heavy once upfront investment to your office furniture

2. Receptionist cost. In the actual event that you service office in singapore are the little begin up, you may not really become capable of afford a complete time receptionist. using a serviced workplace actually enables you to have a professional front within the form of the receptionist counter

3. World wide web Access. unlike residential internet internet access, you need to arrange along together with your World wide web service Provider as well as building facility management to become able to enable your current corporate world wide web access. Also, speed pertaining to speed, corporate web subscriptions will always be more costly compared to residential broadband

4. IT infrastructure – Acquiring your internet access is only the extremely first step. setting your router, firewall as well as other IT infrastructure demands planning along with budget

5. Utility – Well, utility is part of just about any sort of “space rental” in Singapore. In the actual event that you are moving in an unfurnished office, you'll need to setup your air conditioning system.

6. Printing – Believe In us, even with just about all the internet, printing documents is surely an crucial part of your business. If anyone have to print quality documents, you may get to utilize the full-service expert printer that could set an individual again through SGD$100 for each month easily.

7. Lease – Nearly All offices arrive with 1 yr or two years lease at the really lease. And Also should you certainly are generally a commence up, in every trustworthiness the odds associated with surviving the really first 12 months is not in your favour. Opting for a serviced workplace enables one to possess short term lease (some serviced office singapore occasions even 1 month). This reduces the liability inside relation to contractual leasing terms.

As such, using a serviced office where the services workplace provider rents an entire floor (sometimes smaller) and also partition it straight into smaller sized shared workplace can always be a no-brainer effortlessly the large benefits above.

Serviced Workplace May Always Be The Solution

Renting an office inside Singapore can be typically a single in order to three years commitment. Regarding larger offices (for shipping,banking etc), lease may be in excess regarding 5 a long time thanks to the higher setup costs pertaining to renovations, interior design and also furnishing incurred upfront.

If you may be an inferior officedesignguru.com setup (with less than ten users), opting for any serviced office may be an even more viable as well as economical selection thanks to the following reasons:

No office furniture setup fees. Furniture are generally generally provided by the serviced office provider

No renovation fees. Serviced offices are ready to maneuver in – completely furnished. Simply deliver your own computers as well as your self and you are ready to go.

No long lasting commitment. Several serviced office leases could be as short as 1 month (even 2 weeks) if you are mobile as well as if you really tend to be a serviced offices singapore foreigner seeking to function to find a really short period of time of time

As such, the economical benefits of utilizing serviced workplace rental regarding temporary or even small workplace setup with regard to office rental within Singapore are serviced office singapore generally really obvious.

Usually companies that choose serviced workplace are:

1. New begin ups

2. Current companies that are throughout support business (consulting solutions etc)

3. Large or even established companies who need ad-hoc space for short-term tasks (and as such temporary office rental)

4. Companies who are transiting (moving via one workplace in order to another) and need short term transition office

When it arrives down to be able to renting a new serviced office within Singapore, typically pertaining to slightly over $1000/month (Singapore dollars), you are generally able to get a small cozy workplace housing one for you to three individual (in a number of non-CBD areas you'll be able to home up to 4 or even more).

The solutions that you can expect (we can not guarantee it here as it depends about the different services provider) are:

1. Shared meeting room space.

Usually this will come in the form of your specific variety of meeting room hours for each month. Beyond this allocated quota, you'll normally have to become able to pay (a preferred charge normally) on a for each use or even each hour basis. check together with your serviced office provider in this

2. Shared receptionist space

This is truly a quite widespread feature for the particular vast majority of proven serviced office providers. Getting a new shared receptionist front provides the business having a more professional image. As any tiny company, your current staff or your self might be from workplace most of the particular serious quantities of creating a shared receptionist space keeps your workplace operating all the actual time along with a person skilled to adopt messages

3. call Answering Services

Having a person to take your own customers’ incoming calls and also route these people to the different within costs in your company tasks an expert image. As Well As if you are out involving town pertaining to company trips (or holiday), getting someone to consider messages too can end up being a excellent help

4. Concierge Services

Sending mails, checking the particular mailboxes, arranging regarding courier occupy precious time. Along With the administrative function is step to the company’s success. Following all, you cannot be handling all regarding the little problems personally. Through outsourcing the particular non-core features out, you obtain to become able to focus a lot more in your business. Many proven serviced office providers provide concierge services, talk with all of them with regard to details

If you are looking to rent the serviced office in Singapore, verify out our comprehensive directory of serviced offices inside Singapore now.

December 01 2015


Different types of grateing explained

Depending on where you are from, different countries have different terms for "storm drain".

Accordingly to Wikipedia, a storm drain is essentially a tunnel that carry runoffs (rain) from urban areas. For a layman, it helps to think along the line of sewage system that functions beneath our cities.

In the states, this is actually often called "storm drain" or "storm sewer".

In the united kingdom, this is pool drain covers actually also known as "surface water drain" or "surface water sewer".

In Australia and New Zealand, it is commonly known as "stormwater drain".

And there you have it, the very next time you hear someone mentioning "storm drain", "storm sewer", "surface water drain","surface water sewer" and "stormwater drain", congratulations, you know they refer to the same thing.

Functions of storm drain include draining floor grille excess water (rain or storm water) and ground water from pavement, streets and carparks into rivers and streams to protect yourself from flooding.

Although storm drains do a amazing job of draining excess water garage floor drain cover from the urban areas, the inlets are essentially openings where left uncovered could be a hazard to pedestrians. Left uncovered, rubbish will enter the storm drains and cause choking which might eventually cause flooding.

To ensure storm drains serve their purposes while minimizing the potential risks posed to pedestrians and to prevent choking of the drains, drain covers (gratings) are used to cover the inlets (openings) of the storm drains to accomplish the two purposes.

At Jonite, we specialise in steel reinforced drain covers (gratings) that cover your storm drains while preserving the aesthetic elements of the architecture around the drain covers.

What is a channel drain?

A channel drain is actually the same thing as the trench drain. In fact, there are other names including line drain, slot drain, linear drain or strip drain which all mean the identical object.

A channel drain (trench drain) is a type of floor drain which has a channel shaped body portrayed by its long length and narrow width.

Channel drains (trench drains) are usually mistaken for french drains. It is important to be aware that french drains aren't the same as channel or trench drains.

With just about any drains, channel drains (trench drains) too require a cover to serve as a safety precaution and also to prevent large objects from entering the drains which cause choking.

At Jonite, we focus on steel reinforced channel (trench) grates (channel / trench covers) that provides you with the best double sealed drain cover of steel in its' durability and strength and also decorative drain covers the magnificence of stone that is certainly unmatched by another material you can find to develop channel (trench) grates.

Check out our range of channel grates (trench grates) here.

Link to: http://www.jonite.us/products/channel-grates

November 27 2015


Want to find out more details on our office interior design capabilities?

Backed up over twenty years of combined experience, OSCA team delivers high standard interior design solutions. Our business development personnel, interior designers, and project managers are dedicated to enabling you to obtain a more professional and credible image through upgraded business facilities. Our customer-centric approach allows us to be a reliable partner in every stage of development.

Would like to learn more details on our interior design capabilities?

Before starting with any project, OSCA performs a complete analysis of project feasibility. We use our expertise in design and architecture so as to completely understand the potential of existing or new space.

As part of our strategic conceptualization, we do initial onsite visits to perform our facility planning and test fitting. Aside from the design, we are also concerned about the technical aspects of the building and construction.Our streamlined process enables us to come office design at a reliable estimation of cost and schedule office design implications. We then put together an appropriate action plan which ensures high-quality, time-sensitive, and on-budget results.

OSCA helps its client companies to nurture greater synergy between their workplace and organizational goals. Our corporate design solutions focus on long-term objectives, leaving room for business growth and development.

Using office renovation 3D graphics, we present conceptualized designs that are based on our client’s unique space requirements. The development phase is backed by thorough documentation of costs and other important factors. Aside from cost consultation, we also provide advice on procurement and inventory.

Our effective methodologies combined with the expertise of our people ensure a satisfying project turnaround. We design corporate office spaces that improve productivity, encourage collaboration, and optimize processes.

Our project management services go beyond overseeing every stage of development. The OSCA team is proactive, systematically meeting requirements from beginning to end. From consultation to completion, clients can rely upon us for any concerns or issues they may have with regards to the project. We are well-equipped to manage a variety of design and build challenges.

Regardless of the nature of business, we help clients follow strict industry guidelines by filing the appropriate paper works and undergoing necessary clearance tests. Guided by regulatory standards, we perform health, safety, and risk assessments in all our projects. We also do professional quantity surveys.

OSCA has a wide network of resources that enable us to offer effective design and build consultancy services. Equipped with strong industry knowledge and advanced design tools, we are able to come up with practical and insightful solutions that address specific space challenges.

Other than providing architectural advice, we also help clients understand the mechanical and electrical engineering aspects of their construction project. We look for new ways to expedite the whole process, which results to minimum business downtime and maximum project efficiency.

Rather than having template solutions, OSCA offers flexible interior design options. With experience handling clients from different sectors, we can office renovation provide customized value-added services that fit your individual office needs. Our expertise covers areas like acoustics, audiovisual systems, security management, IT centre, and disaster planning.

OSCA’s interior design process was specially designed with corporate settings in the mind. Our integrated approach takes into account various factors, all of these help us to formulate an approach that promotes quality, speed, and customer satisfaction. While functionality is a key concern, we make sure to inject an artistic flair in all our projects. We constantly push for innovative designs that channel an image of professionalism.

In the early stages of office design development, we focus heavily on project analysis and industry research. We help clients to ensure their requirements, aligning it with their resources which include time and budget.

We hold in-depth discussions with the client team, making sure both sides understand fully the project objectives and limitations. We also agree on the creative direction and building schedule.

The most exciting and dynamic part is the conceptualization. With clearly set parameters, we develop and present mood boards, and also interior draft blueprints. These proposed materials go through a series of revisions and refinements depending on regular client consultations.

With close supervision of OSCA’s senior management team, we proceed to the construction or renovation of the office space in line with the agreed-upon blueprint. We then procure all the necessary furnishings from our trusted network of suppliers. Before the turnover, we let the client inspect the facilities for any alterations and final approval.

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